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Have You Tried Curves Complete Yet? Curves Complete

It's no secret that conventional diets don't work. Research shows that up to 95% of dieters regain their lost weight, and then some. It's not because there's something wrong with them, it's because there's something wrong with conventional weight loss plans. To lose weight and keep it off, your plan should include diet, exercise and motivation.  With Curves Complete, you get all three—in one comprehensive program.   

  • Diet – The Curves diet is simple and effective—with no calories, carbs, or fat grams to count. You simply follow the plan and lose weight. The Curves Complete website customizes the perfect meal plan to your preferences and generates a shopping list. You can even take advantage of our new portion controlled, frozen food option—a healthy, affordable choice for your on-the-go lifestyle.  
  • Exercise – As a member, you already know that Curves is a great workout, providing both strength training to increase muscle and cardio to burn fat. However, if your weight loss seems slow, or you've hit a plateau, Curves Complete might be just what you need to really change your body.
  • Motivation – The key to winning the battle of the bulge is not about willpower; it's about embracing a conscious change, a process. Curves has partnered with leading behavioral experts from the Cleveland Clinic to develop tools and strategies to help you set goals, overcome obstacles, plan for emergencies, and motivate you when you need extra help.

Accountability is essential, too, so you'll meet weekly with your Curves Complete Certified coach at your club to evaluate your progress and to develop strategies for future challenges.

Curves Complete is the only comprehensive weight loss plan that can truly help you break the chain of perpetual dieting and set you on the path to a lifetime of healthy habits. Researchers at major universities like Baylor and Texas A&M have proven over and over again that Curves Complete works, and now, you can prove it to yourself. 

If you're really ready to lose weight and change how you look and feel for good, make the 90-day commitment to the Curves Complete program. Ask your Curves staff for more details.